A simple and small feature flipper library.


This is mainly based on some ideas and a code a friend did on a project that we worked together. I've been working on make a good abstraction of that projects code and make it reausable for me and for other people. The idea is to have a thin layer of good ideas and practices to handle feature flippers on a application. I've added some Plug functionalities, so you can reload the feature flipper state and you can have some visibility to it. I want it to be customizable with adapters that can get the feature flipper state from different sources. At the project we used Consul KV for that.


It's under construction yet. I'm trying to come with a good abstraction for a worker that holds the feature flipper info. I have done a couple of adapters, one to get the feature flipper state from environment vars and another to get it from a dotenv file.